Procurement of Batteries for 2018
Procurement of Handheld Radio 2018
Printing of Fire Safety Leaflets 2nd Semester
Procurement of Biometrics
Procurement of Office Supplies for the 3rd Quarter of 2018
Procurement of Portable Sound System
Procurement of Quarter Master Supplies
Procurement of Rechargeable Flash Light
Procurement of Steel Lateral Cabinet
Procurement of Tires
Printing of Fire Safety Leaflet for the 2nd Semester of CY 2018
Procurement of Paper Shredder for CY 2018
Procurement of Point and Shoot Camera for CY 2018
Support for the Conduct of 27th BFP Anniversary
Printing of Application Forms for FSIC and FSEC CY 201808.03.2018. Printing of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC) Forms CY 2018
Conduct of 40 Hours Training Seminar
Procurement of Oil and Lubricants for 2nd Semester 2018
Conduct of BFP9 Regionwide Drug Testing for 2nd Semester CY 2018
Printing of Citizen’s Charter Tarpaulin
Printing of November Tarpaulin
Conduct of GAD Seminar
Conduct of BFP9 Team Building Activity
Conduct of BFP Region 9 Team Building CY 2018
Van Rental for BFP Region 9 Team Building CY 2018
Procurement of Fuel for 4th Quarter 2018
Procurement of Fire Safety Enforcer’s Tools and Equipment CY 2018
Food Lunch for the Conduct of BFP Fire Service Recognition Day 2018
Printing of BFP Desk Calendar for CY 2019
Printing of Blazer Magazine 1st Semester CY 2018
Instruction to Bidders. Naga MFS
Invitation to Bid. Naga
Procurement of Comb Punching Machine
Procurement of Batteries CY 2019
Procurement of Computer CY 2019
Procurement of MDL Supplies CY 2019(revised)
Procurement of Medicine Supplies CY 2019
Procurement of Printer CY 2019
Procurement of Tires CY 2019
Procurement of Dot Matrix Printer
PPE Docs
Procurement of AR-FFF
Procurement of UPS
Instruction to Bidders Furnitures 2
Invitation to Bid Furnitures

Procurement of Oil and Lubricants for 1st Semester 2018
Procurement of Batteries for 2018
Procurement of Uniforms for the 4th National Fire Olimpics
Procurement of Fuel for 1st Semester 2018
Printing of Tarpaulin “Year Round Safety Awareness Program” for cy 2018
Printing of Tarpaulin : Official Advocacy Tarpaulin “Oplan Iwas Sunog 2018”
Procurement of Tables and Chairs for cy 2018
Procurement of Printer 3 in 1 (Printer, Scanner and Coppier) for cy 2018
Procurement of Computer Parts for Upgrading cy 2018
Conduct of 1st Quarter Regional Command Conference for cy 2018
Conduct of New Years Call activities